CHURCHILL’S practices what they preach. During sale set-up, we use your rubber bands, bag up loose paper clips, and even wash and re-use Ziploc bags.

Churchill Denver Estate Sales Is A Green-CompanyDon’t any of you have Mothers who washed and re-used the aluminum foil after dinner?

Well, that was one of the first things  our staff found we had in common.

It may seem crazy and tedious, but it’s second nature for Cindy’s crew. Our bright neon green street signs are re-used for weeks on end.  Only the date and address are changed. In fact, while we’re out “on the streets” hanging signs, we can be seen removing all the outdated telephone pole paper signs that other folks failed to remove.  That’s a pet peeve of ours.

We focus on sustainability in everything we handle. Just watch us!


Since diagnosed with MS, I needed to move to a smaller, more manageable townhome.  Cindy cleared out my stuff, recycled my old tires to Discount Tire, and hauled tons of towels to Table Mountain Animal Shelter.  We didn’t have time for an estate sale, but she got rid of my piano to a charity.  Thanks, Cindy.  ~ Virginia,  Westminster

When I discovered that Direct TV won’t re-use or collect their old satellite dishes, Churchill’s went to work for me.They had a metal “scrapper” remove and recycle it safely, and at no charge to me! ~ Bob V.,  Littleton

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“We refer people, who need help, to Cindy because she is so pleasant, extremely fair, and very hard working.”
~ Debbe & Donna, ColoradoEstateSales.com