Estate Sales

Before the sale:Churchill Estate Sales Happy Clients

Our crew will spend about a week in your home, setting up. Tables, linens, and lighting are added to make the sale shopper-friendly. We advertise with neighborhood signage, local and national websites, and the local newspapers. Notices are also sent to our e-mail distribution list.

The sale:

Hundreds of folks will visit your home to shop. Small valuables are closely attended in the “vault.” Sales typically run three days. We stay open later (6 p.m.) to catch the “coming home” crowd in your neighborhood. Typically 85-95% of your items are sold.


After the sale:Happy clients after the sale

We give you a check for everything that was sold. We leave your home empty and ready for the next step.

We “charitize” unsold goods by hauling them to area 501(c)3 charities. The unusable is recycled or placed at curbside for trash removal. Hauling items can be time-consuming for us, but it’s our way of leaving a very small carbon footprint after your sale.




Did You Know?

We are one of Denver’s TOP FIVE LIQUIDATION COMPANIES when it comes to volume, presentation, and attendance. In short, our shoppers love our sales!

We work extensively with local 501(c)3 charities and we recycle as much as we possibly can. We like our Earth, and we want to be kind to those in need.

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